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Cake Flavors...                    


Wedding White-(almond or vanilla)

Touch of Yellow-(almond or vanilla)








Red Velvet

Specialty Cake Flavors...

*additional charge of 10%







Godiva Chocolate-

(white or dark)



*Vegan, Lactose, and Gluten-Free options are available

for an additional charge!

*Other flavors may be available upon request! Please feel

free to bring your thoughts and ideas to customize your

special day! 


*What's a cake without the filling? Cakes from Royal Icings include a basic filling in the price!





Lemon Custard


Chocolate Fudge

Bavarian Cream

Buttercream (almond or vanilla)

Red Raspberry


Raspberry Mousse

Strawberry Mousse

Apricot Mousse


Chocolate Bavarian Cream

Pumpkin Mousse

Specialty Fillings...

*additional charge of 10%

Cream Cheese

Chocolate Ganache

White Chocolate Ganache

Peanut Butter Ganache

Kahlua Chocolate

Bailey's Chocolate

Nutella Hazelnut

Red Raspberry Champagne

Lemoncello Cream

Maple Cream

Oreo Cookie (or any other favorite-just ask!)


*Vegan and Gluten-Free options are available!


Traditional Buttercream-

Almond or Vanilla

Chocolate Buttercream

Homemade Marshmallow Fondant


Choosing a cake or cupcakes from Royal Icings allows you the freedom to customize your cake to fit your personality and the theme of your special event. Because of this, each cake is priced individually per serving, based on the adornments that you so choose. 

* Please call for a free consultation to design the cake of your dreams!

*Cake Tastings are available upon request, for $20 per couple. Please limit your selections to two cake flavors and up to four fillings. Should you choose to order your cake with me, the $20 tasting fee will be deducted from the balance of your cake.

Standard wedding cake pricing is $6.00 per slice for Buttercream, and $7.50 per slice for Fondant. This is based on the standard servings per tier chart for wedding cakes, which yields a serving size of 1 inch x 2 inch x 4 inches. Dependent upon how intricate and detailed the decorations are in your design will reflect upon the pricing. These prices include a layer of filling for each tier, and a nicely decorated cake.

*Minimum order of 30 servings required*

**The top 6 inch tier (of your 3 tiered or greater) wedding cake is a free gift from Royal Icings to enjoy on your first anniversary! Proper instructions will be included along with a box to preserve the top tier so that you may relish in the memories from your wedding day.

*Additional charges apply to those specialty flavors as listed above. 

Flowers and Adornments...

Choose from beautiful handmade flowers or other designs such as monograms, made of either gum paste(sugar), fondant, or royal icing to add to the splendor of your cake! Pricing varies per design chosen. These make a wonderful keepsake that will last forever if stored in a dry location!

Real flowers (or silks!) used on or around your cake are

traditionally coordinated through your florist, however if you

would like Royal Icings to add them for an additional fee, we'd be more than happy to accommodate you.

Please realize that some flowers may be considered poisonous or harmful if ingested, or may cause ill-reactions if applied to a food product. Please consult your florist prior to the application of fresh flowers to your cake!

Cake toppers such as figurines can also be supplied by Royal Icings if requested, and additional charges will apply.

Kitchen Cakes...

Kitchen cakes are sheet cakes with a simple design, to accompany your wedding cake. They are stored in the kitchen until served, and taste just like the true wedding cake. They are less expensive and cost $5.00 per serving for the basic flavors. A basic filling is included.

*Please add 10% per item for custom flavors if desired.


Cupcake Weddings are VERY popular and trendy! Each guest will receive a gourmet cupcake in the flavor of the Bride's choosing, and a basic filling may also be chosen for an added burst of flavor! The cupcakes are served on an elegant tiered crystal stand (for a refundable deposit), reserving the top tier for a 6 inch cake in keeping with tradition of the Bride and Groom Cake Cutting Ceremony.

** Enjoy a 6 inch tier as a free gift from Royal Icings to either use during the Cake Cutting Ceremony, or to take home and save as a keepsake on your First Anniversary! (Minimum Purchase of 60 cupcakes applies).

Not just for weddings, cupcakes make elegant and fun displays no matter what the occasion! Consider them for baby showers, holiday parties, etc...they make a great center piece for your buffet table too!

Regular sized cupcakes are priced starting at $4.00 for unfilled and $4.50 with a standard filling, and will include a traditional buttercream frosting of your choice.

Mini's (Cupcake Sliders!) are priced at $1.50/unfilled or $1.75/filled. 

If an additional Cutting or Anniversary tier is desired, pricing starts at $40.00 for buttercream, or $52.00 for fondant, each including a standard filling.

*Please add 10% for custom flavors if desired.

Cupcake Bouquets...

Bring a smile to someone's face with a gourmet Cupcake Bouquet! Each basket contains approximately 6-8 traditionally-sized cupcakes (or approximately 12-14 mini's) in the flavor and/or filling of your choice as listed above. Beautiful hand-made buttercream flowers will be in full bloom atop each cupcake, along with silk filler-flowers to complete the look.

Pricing per each basket (as shown in picture above) is approximately


-Perfect for Valentine's Day, Holidays, Mother's Day, Get Well, In Sympathy, or a new way to say to your loved one "I'm Sorry"~a sure-fire way to earn forgiveness!!

-A sweet way to say "Thank You" to your parents for hosting your wedding, and to your attendants, flower girl, ring bearer, or out of town guests for making your day so meaningful!

-A fun centerpiece for your corporate event to display on each table, or

give to your clients as a unique way to say you appreciate their business!!

Delivery and Set-Up Charges...

Local delivery and set-up charges for your custom cake are priced at $25.00. For deliveries outside the local area, additional per-mile charges apply.

*Gumpaste, royal icing, real or silk flowers, or monograms may be added to any of the above items for an additional charge.

*Vegan and Gluten-Free options are available!

Susan Forest~Sugar Artist/Owner

[email protected]